KeyBinder is a software created for binding different things on keyboard keys. It allows to bind any program running on Windows. If the key gets pressed, the binded program will be set to the foreground, or if it hasn't been started yet, it will get started. Through the open plugin interface its possible to bind small tools on keys. For example phoneSplitter, which splits a phonenumber in the clipboard from its prefix.

KeyBinder Copyright (C) 2012 Simon Sedlatschek.
KeyBinder is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later. By downloading KeyBinder or any of its plugins you accept the license conditions.

You can use KeyBinder on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization. You don't need to register or pay for KeyBinder.

How to install KeyBinder?
1. Download the latest version of KeyBinder
2. Extract the Zip-Archive
3. Run setup.exe and follow the Install-Assistent

download Version 0.7.5 beta Download 30th November 2012 531 KB
download Version 0.7.5 Portable beta Download 30th November 2012 130 KB


How to install a plugin?

1. Download the plugin
2. copy the *.dll into the plugins folder in the KeyBinder directory
    (Default: C:\Program Files\KeyBinder\plugins)

3. Restart KeyBinder

download phoneSplitter 1.3.0 30th November 2012 57 KB
download cboardLogger 1.3.0 30th November 2012 21 KB
download stringTyper 1.4.0 30th November 2012 23 KB
download monitorSwitcher 1.2.0 30th November 2012 17 KB
download windowController 1.3.0 30th November 2012 18 KB
download mouseClicker 1.2.0 30th November 2012 32 KB
download autoLogin 1.0.0 19th December 2012 35 KB

2012 © Simon Sedlatschek